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Find A Mentor

At you can find inspiring UX professionals from all over to connect with. Our user profiles will help you choose the perfect sparing partner for your professional growth.

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Schedule a Session

Finding a mentor is only the first step. Our structured online peer mentoring sessions, will guide you, so you can make the most out of every meeting you have with your peer mentor. All the way from scheduling to periodical retrospectives.

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Stay Engaged

We know how hard it can be to keep things rolling. Your job and your life already keep you pretty busy. Mentoring works best, when you can form a relationship. Our system helps you stay committed and engaged with reminders, updates and task reviews.

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Grow Your Skills

Grow together reach your goals faster and expand your network. The fun only begins when you make progress., Log and share your growth with your new friends and peer mentors.

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Structured & Guided

All your sessions with mento will be structured and follow a strict process. So you can focus on growing as a professional.

Live sessions

Online mentoring sessions with people from across the world, get valuable industry insights beyond your local scene.

Time boxed

Time is precious - mento values your time, we want to use it as effectively as possible. Mento sessions are time boxed.


Planned retrospective sessions to help improve your mentoring experience.


Focus on your conversation - we provide you with optional recordings, so you can relive the important points of your session.*


Not big on taking notes? No worries, we will optionally transcribe your sessions so you never miss the important stuff.*

* Only available to people that have taken part in the session.
We provide you with the tools, process, and structure to grow your professional UX design skills by building mentoring relationships.