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Martin Fochler
Technical Founder
The Community
It's really about you guys
Marvin Hassan
Design Founder

Why we do this

This community was born from the belief that traditional learning can only take you so far. Personal exchange can help you reach your professional goals faster and easier. It all started with real-life experience. When we first met, we worked as colleagues from different fields. But we quickly realized how helpful regular meetings and discussions were in helping us grow in our positions and deliver more value to our teams and company. Connecting too on another on a personal level made us better professionals. 

Since we loved the improvements we experienced, we decided to build a system that would help us and others grow through connecting to other professionals. We are committed to the community and delivering the best possible experience through peer-mentoring sessions. We hope you feel the same and join us in building something great.

If we happen to miss the mark please feel encouraged to reach out and let us know.

We provide you with the tools, process, and structure to grow your professional UX design skills by building peer mentoring relationships.